REALITY CHECK: Scott Moe bravely defends 328327 Alberta Ltd

Following Ryan Meili’s promise to shut down corporate and union political donations, Scott Moe defended his friends and insiders yesterday, and renewed his commitment to keeping his Saskatchewan Party stuck in the past.

"I feel that people who are involved in employing people across this province should have a say in some of the policies that we have that impact their industry.- Scott Moe, Sept 23, 2020, Regina Leader-Post

Well-known Saskatchewan employers Scott Moe believes should have a say in policy include:




1142753 B.C. Ltd



1253135 Alberta Ltd



1528899 AB Ltd



328327 Alberta Ltd



631385 Alberta Ltd




Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party’s overdependence on curious corporate cash matches only their dedication to maintaining the Sask. Party’s Old Boys’ Club. 

Saskatchewan can do better.

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