Meili to shut the door on Scott Moe’s Old Boys’ Club

NDP Leader Ryan Meili is committing to slam the door shut on corporate political donations. Since 2007, the Saskatchewan Party has taken in over $19 million in corporate donations, many from companies outside of Saskatchewan.


“It is unacceptable that in 2020, Scott Moe refuses to update election finance laws. We have some of the loosest oversight of political donations in the country, and it undermines our democracy at its very core,” said Meili. “The Sask Party won’t bring our laws into the 21st century because they can’t get enough of this cash. If Scott Moe won’t close the door on his old boys’ club for the sake of our democracy, a New Democratic government will.” 

Meili pointed specifically to the influence of the Buffalo Project, which has fanned the flames of separatist sentiment in Alberta and Saskatchewan with divisive third-party advertising and social media campaigns. The Buffalo Project was founded in 2018, and since then, Buffalo Project-linked donations to the Saskatchewan Party rose from $5,930.00 in 2018 to $56,960.00 in 2019 – an 860 percent increase.

“Apparently, Scott Moe thinks millionaire Calgary businessmen deserve more influence in our province’s politics than Saskatchewan families,” said Meili. “It’s time for real action to fix this out-dated and undemocratic practice in Saskatchewan and restore confidence in our electoral system.”  

In 2018, the NDP attempted to update these laws through a Private Member’s Bill in the Legislature. Sadly for the people of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe and his caucus chose to put the old boys’ club of corporate friends and insiders first by opposing this legislation. 

Once implemented, the NDP plan to ban corporate and union donations and bring in a cap on contributions will align Saskatchewan’s rules with provinces throughout the country. This legislation to get big money out of Saskatchewan politics would also ensure that only individuals who are residents of Saskatchewan can donate. 

“When you look at the reams of out-of-province corporations lining Sask. Party coffers, you start to understand why they oppose these changes,” added Meili. “Voters will soon have a choice: to vote for a party that’s bombarding them with ads bankrolled by separatist-sympathizers, or one that puts people first.”  


Sask. Party donations trail 


Cumulative Corporate Donations to the Sask. Party





































Source: Elections Saskatchewan

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