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Saskatoon University New Democrats nominate Jennifer Bowes

Jennifer Bowes was nominated Thursday evening as the New Democrat candidate in the Saskatoon University constituency.

“Jennifer is making our strong team of candidates even stronger,” said Cam Broten, Leader of Saskatchewan’s New Democrats, who attended the nomination meeting. “She’s an incredible advocate and she's focused on what matters most. She’s devoted to helping others access opportunity, and giving everyone a chance to get ahead.

“In Saskatchewan, we’ve had record revenue and a government that spends every penny of it, and then some. But, where has all that money gone? Far too much of it has been wasted on this government’s pet projects instead. Far too little has gone to make a real difference for everyday families. I want government’s priorities to match the things that matter most to people – like repairing run-down schools and hiring more educational assistants, and ending high ambulance bills, long waits in emergency rooms and the seniors care crisis.”

New Democrats nominate Karen Purdy in Moose Jaw Wakamow

Karen Purdy, a licensed practical nurse, has been chosen by New Democrats in the Moose Jaw Wakamow constituency to be the candidate in the next provincial election.

“Karen is a great addition to our team,” said Cam Broten, leader of Saskatchewan’s New Democrats. “Moose Jaw needs a strong voice, and an MLA that’s in touch with what really matters to Moose Jaw families.

“This government has had years and years of record revenue, but it's had far too many misplaced priorities and it's made a lot of bad choices. We see the Sask. Party government scrapping the incredibly valuable hyperbaric chamber here in Moose Jaw. We see how they allowed their Lean consultants to shrink the size of the new Moose Jaw Hospital, so it will have fewer beds, fewer rooms and less staff. We see too many classrooms in Moose Jaw that are overcrowded and under-resourced. It's time for Moose Jaw to have an effective MLA, working to deliver opportunities for young people, fairness and affordability for families, and dignity and security for seniors.”

Michelle Oleksyn chosen by Lloydminster New Democrats

High school teacher and mother of three, Michelle Oleksyn, will be the New Democrat candidate for Lloydminster in the next provincial election.

“I’m so happy to welcome Michelle to the team of candidates,” said Cam Broten, who attended the nomination in Lloydminster Friday evening. “She has a real vision for Lloydminster and area – one in which the people who have done so much for our economy get their fair share of investment – into better highways, reliable health care with shorter wait times and a cost of living that makes it easier for people to get started in Saskatchewan.

“As a teacher, Michelle sees the results of this government’s choice not to prioritize schools and students. New Democrats are planning smaller class sizes. We will put educational assistants back in classrooms. We know our kids deserve clean and safe, well-maintained schools. With Michelle as the MLA for Lloydminster, I know we’ll have a strong voice in the legislature, fighting for Lloydminster schools and families.”

Kathleen O’Reilly is the NDP candidate for Regina Northeast

Associate university professor, bestselling author and Regina Public School Board trustee Kathleen O’Reilly was chosen Monday to be the New Democrat candidate for Regina Northeast the next provincial election.

“Kathleen is passionate about building a province in which everyone has the opportunities and tools to reach their full potential,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “That means a strong education system with supports for all students when they need them. That means it should be easier to get started in Saskatchewan, with more affordability for families. And it means that people should have more support and more choice as they age in this province, including high quality care when they need it.

“After a decade of resource boom, Saskatchewan families should have these advantages. It’s time for government spending to match people’s priorities.”

New Democrats select Melfort teacher as candidate

Linsey Thornton, a high school teacher and father of three, was chosen by New Democrats Saturday to be the NDP candidate for Melfort in the next provincial election.

“When it comes to supports for students in classrooms, highway repairs and the quality of care we offer seniors, Melfort families should be benefitting more from Saskatchewan’s prosperity,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “Linsey is ready to speak up for fairness for Melfort, and speak up at the Legislature as a strong advocate for the people in his community.”

Aleana Young will be the NDP candidate in Regina University

Regina Public School Board trustee Aleana Young has been chosen by New Democrats in Regina University to be their candidate in the next provincial election.

“Aleana is a fantastic candidate, especially because of her deep belief that Saskatchewan can be so much better for everyday families, students and seniors,” said Cam Broten, Leader of Saskatchewan’s New Democrats. “After a decade of resource wealth, we should have the best education system in the nation. But, because this government has neglected education and wasted our resource wealth elsewhere, our kids are left with crowded classrooms and run down schools. Students have faced serious cuts to educational assistant help, and as the number of new Canadians in classrooms grows, the government has cut English as an Additional Language supports.

“I know we can do better. I know Saskatchewan’s kids deserve better. And, I know Aleana is passionate about fighting for the right solutions.”

Tanya Dunn-Pierce chosen as NDP candidate in Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood

Tanya Dunn-Pierce has been chosen by New Democrats in the Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood constituency to be their candidate in the next election.

“Tanya is going to be a fantastic MLA,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination meeting Thursday evening. “She’s been an effective force in her community work – building opportunities for families to access health care services, affordable housing and opportunity. As an MLA, she’s going to be an advocate who gets things done for the people of Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood, and for all Saskatchewan families.”

Regina Lakeview New Democrats nominate Carla Beck

Carla Beck, assistant executive director of a Regina women’s shelter and elected trustee for the Regina Public School Board, will be the New Democrats’ candidate in Regina Lakeview for the next provincial election.

Beck was nominated Tuesday at a contested nomination meeting.

“Through her volunteer work, her service to the school board and her career as a social worker, Carla has already contributed so much as a community leader,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination. “The Legislature and Lakeview families will benefit from her expertise, dedication and compassion, and I’m so pleased to welcome her to the team of NDP candidates.

New Democrats nominate Zaigham Kayani

New Democrats in the Saskatoon Silverspring-Sutherland constituency have chosen journalist and business owner Zaigham Kayani to be their candidate in the next provincial election.

Kayani, who is also president of the Pakistan Canada Cultural Association, was nominated Monday at a nomination meeting at St. Paul’s United Church.

“Zaigham is passionate about ensuring all people have the building blocks that give them a chance to fulfill their potential and really get ahead – starting with a strong education and excellent, accessible health care,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination meeting. “For me, politics isn’t just about the province doing well, it’s about people doing well. That’s a mission I know Zaigham is committed to, and his belief that all people deserve a fair chance at success is one of the motivations that will make him an excellent MLA.”

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