Saskatchewan people reject Sask. Party cuts and corporate giveaways: poll

A recent Insightrix poll confirmed what New Democrats have been hearing across the province –

Saskatchewan people, including those who supported the Sask. Party in the last election, are angry about the Sask. Party’s giveaways to corporations and want them to reverse their mean-spirited cuts and billion-dollar tax hikes to Saskatchewan families. 

“People across Saskatchewan are saying loud and clear that they are not on board with the Sask. Party’s callous and massive cuts to everything from education to municipalities while the Sask. Party also hands big tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy and well-connected,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. “We’re hearing this everywhere we go and you can see it in the petitions that have been pouring in and protests that have been happening. The Sask. Party’s spin to justify all of this is simply not believable.”

In the poll, conducted between April 10 and 13, participants were asked to show their level of support for a number of the Sask. Party’s measures outlined in their budget. A resounding 91 per cent of respondents – including 71 per cent of Sask. Party supporters – said they oppose the Sask. Party’s cuts to education.

“Since the last election, our kids’ classrooms have been one of the Sask. Party’s favourite targets,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck. “The Minister went back on his word to fully fund wage increases and has let infrastructure needs bloat to $1.5 billion. Now, the Sask. Party is directly attacking school boards and teachers throughout the province by cutting classroom supports and programs, and is threatening to silence local input and protections of our local schools. It’s good to see how united the people of Saskatchewan are in standing against these attacks.”

The Sask. Party’s attacks on our cities, towns and villages were also opposed by over 83 per cent of respondents.

“The Sask. Party is slashing funding to our cities, towns, and villages while shamelessly eliminating the ability of our elected municipal leaders to legally defend themselves against these very cuts,” said Municipal Relations Critic Nicole Rancourt. “Families will be hit hard by these cuts and the Sask. Party is hoping that people will forget that it was that Sask. Party that got the province into this mess in the first place with their mismanagement, scandal and waste. Well, they haven’t forgotten.”

Other results of note:

  • 68.6 per cent of respondents opposed reducing corporate taxes;
  • 75.2 per cent of respondents opposed reducing the funding to regional, Regina & Saskatoon library systems;
  • 86.9 per cent of respondents opposed eliminating funding for the hearing aid program;
  • 70.5 per cent of respondents opposed eliminating funding for funeral services for social assistance recipients;
  • 65.4 per cent of respondents opposed eliminating the provincial bus company, the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC)

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