Broten challenges Wall to more debates

Wall must explain his misleading excuse for signing sketchy GTH land deal

NDP Leader Cam Broten called on Wall Wednesday to agree to more leaders’ debates during the campaign, because he says Wall is ducking accountability and has a lot of explaining to do.

“Just on his sketchy land deal alone, Mr. Wall is trying to evade accountability,” said Broten. “He needs to explain why the nuns that originally owned this land were threatened with expropriation, but businessmen got a sweetheart deal.

“Mr. Wall needs to tell us if those businessmen had inside information and who gave it to them – because it sure seems strange that they confidently bought land in an area where the Ministry of Highways was scooping up land using threats of expropriation.”

“And Mr. Wall especially needs to explain why his original excuse wasn’t even close to accurate. He claimed he signed this sweetheart deal because land prices were rapidly rising in the area, but now the truth is out and we know that appraised values for land in that area were the same a year later – about a third of the price Mr. Wall had paid to the two businessmen a year prior. That stinks and Mr. Wall needs to answer for it.”

Broten pointed out that Wall refused to get back into the Legislature in February, to answer questions about his GTH land scandal, massive deficit, hidden budget and nasty cuts.

“Clearly he doesn’t want Saskatchewan people to know about all this stuff – because he knows they won’t like what they see, and they sure won’t like what they smell,” said Broten. “That’s why we need more debates in this campaign, because Mr. Wall shouldn’t get away with this.”

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