Broten introduces legislation to proclaim Buy Local Day

NDP Leader Cam Broten introduced legislation Monday which would proclaim the first Saturday of each month as Buy Local Day.

The bill follows through on Broten’s pledge to support a grassroots movement of Saskatchewan business owners and residents calling for a monthly Buy Local Day in the province.

“This is a common sense way to promote the incredible value of local businesses, to put Saskatchewan first and to create greater economic sustainability in our province” said Broten. “Even just a small shift in how we support local businesses can have a big ripple effect in our communities and our entire economy.”

Broten met this summer with the Sasklandia team, the group leading the buy local movement in Saskatchewan, which has been calling on the government to create a monthly Buy Local Day.

Over 98 per cent of Saskatchewan businesses are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. A third of all workers in the province are employed by a small business, contributing about a third of Saskatchewan’s gross domestic product.

According to Sasklandia, for every $100 spent at a local business in Saskatchewan, $73 stays in the province to pay local suppliers, wages, taxes and services. On the other hand, for every $100 spent at a non-Saskatchewan business, just $43 stays in the province.

“The strongest Saskatchewan economy is a diversified and balanced economy. Local business is crucial in that mix, and hugely beneficial for the province’s economy,” said Broten. “I hope this government will do the right thing and support this legislation, because there’s no justification for this government not to seize every opportunity to promote the value of local businesses in Saskatchewan.”

By passing the law, the NDP expects the government would not only promote local business and encourage families to shop at Saskatchewan-owned businesses, but also provide information, helping families make informed consumer choices.

Broten expects the legislation to receive second reading on Thursday.

Sasklandia is online at

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