Broten to cut the number of MLAs to 55, lose the travel scouts

Saskatchewan doesn’t need three more politicians – and Cam Broten pledged Friday to undo that Sask. Party change, then reduce the number of MLAs by three more, to 55.

“No one thinks we need more politicians in Regina, so I don’t understand why Mr. Wall decided to add three more MLAs to the legislature,” said Broten. “Mr. Wall is running a deficit of at least $427 million. He’s making cuts to services people count on – from classrooms to homeless shelters – but he’s ramping up spending on politicians. Those are some messed up priorities.”

Broten wants 55 MLAs, and Wall is increasing the size of the legislature to 61.

“This is about priorities, dollars and cents, and common sense,” Broten said. “It’s unacceptable that Mr. Wall chose to spend millions more on three extra MLAs no one asked for but he’s cutting public services that families rely on, like health care and education?”

In addition to an MLA’s salary, each MLA has funding for an office and staff. The Sask. Party’s change to add three more MLAs can’t be reversed until the next election, but in the next term the NDP would save $5.5 million by cutting the size of the legislature.

Broten also said Friday he will immediately end Mr. Wall’s use of personal travel scouts.

Two-at-a-time, they travel worldwide weeks in advance of Wall to compare luxury hotels, test menus and negotiate with hotel management to ensure Wall can have a free upgrade to his room, and that his favorite soda will be in his room when he arrives.

“Hasn’t this guy heard of TripAdvisor?” Broten asked. “Pick up a phone. Check it out online. You don’t need to fly people all around the world to find the most comfortable hotel for you.

“It’s clear that Mr. Wall is growing more and more out of touch. This is exactly what former premier of Alberta Alison Redford was doing – but she only had one travel scout while Wall says he needs two.”

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