REALITY CHECK - A cut so nice, they announced it twice!

We hope you like cuts, Saskatchewan! Scott Moe’s announcement today is one we have seen before – literally. 

The Sask. Party promised the active family benefit before. 

And then they cut it – leaving families with kids in sports, or other recreational programs to pay more taxes. 

And now they are re-announcing it – only to say that it will be cut again in a few years. 

Scott Moe and the Sask. Party are so obsessed with cuts, they cannot make an announcement without one. 

What Scott Moe doesn’t understand is that when you take a dollar from someone, they aren’t going to thank you when you give them a nickel back. 

While Scott Moe offers a campaign of cuts, Ryan Meili promises investments that put people first. 

Saskatchewan can do better.  

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