New Democrats Release Meili’s Plan To Put People First

Saskatchewan New Democratic Party Leader Ryan Meili released his election platform today, offering the people of Saskatchewan a clear choice — a plan that makes the crucial investments in health care, education and job creation that we need now, or four more years of Scott Moe’s dangerous cuts that hurt families and leave us further behind.

“Deep cuts that hurt people and our economy are a bad idea at any time, but during a pandemic they are downright dangerous,” said Meili. “We know that across Saskatchewan, communities are pulling together to fight COVID-19, but Scott Moe has chosen a path that will make life tougher for families. It doesn’t have to be that way. The people of Saskatchewan have a choice. They can choose an NDP government that puts people first.”

Ryan Meili’s platform includes: 

Stronger health care for you and your family

  • Fixing the Sask. Party’s record of short staffing in primary, long-term and acute care with a $100 million investment in the first year of a New Democratic Party government.
  • Building the best home care in Canada with a $50 million investment in our first year to ensure that seniors can live in their homes for longer.
  • Investing $7.8 million to open Mental Health Emergency Rooms in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw to address the crisis in our communities.
  • Ending the Saskatchewan Party’s failed experiment with American-style user-pay health care.

Safer schools and smaller classes

  • Helping school divisions to reduce class size, address classroom complexity and keep our schools safe.
  • Providing funding for school divisions to hire 50 mental health and addiction nurses and hire other mental health supports.
  • Teaching kids about respectful relationships, including the importance of consent and officially recognizing GSAs to ensure safety and support for all our students.
  • Ending the Sask. Party’s damaging cuts to the classroom by ensuring that funding increases with enrolment in future years. 

Good jobs and a more affordable quality of life

  • Fixing our broken procurement system with our Sask-First plan to ensure that when we build our roads, our schools and our hospitals, we do so with our workers and companies. 
  • Introducing a $15/hour minimum wage.
  • Diversifying our economy, protecting our environment and revitalizing our Crowns with Renew Saskatchewan.
  • Introducing $25/day child care and increasing licensed spaces by 8,000 each year to help families get back to the workforce
  • Asking the wealthiest amongst us to contribute a bit more with a one percent wealth tax on those with net worth of over $15 million.
  • Bringing back the Saskatchewan Transportation Company.

Meili also committed to fixing the wild west of Saskatchewan’s electoral financing laws, ensuring that decisions are not being made by out-of-province donors. “This is about trust. It’s time to get big money out of our politics, by putting an end to corporate and union political donations,” said Meili. “The years of the Sask. Party’s backroom deals and broken promises are over.”

The platform documents are fully costed and have been reviewed by an economist who has signed off on the financial measures.

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