New Democrats stand with retired workers to stop SaskTel sell-off

New Democrats joined with retired SaskTel workers today in accepting a petition on behalf of thousands of Saskatchewan people who are uniting against the Sask. Party’s plans to sell-off SaskTel. 

“Under the Sask. Party, thousands of people have lost their mortgage-paying jobs and more and more families are struggling to make ends meet,” said NDP Critic for SaskTel Warren McCall. “SaskTel not only ensures better services and lower rates; it also has a long history of creating good jobs for Saskatchewan workers. There are so many reasons that it’s irresponsible for the Sask. Party to try selling off such a valuable Crown – not the least of which is that it will put more jobs and pensions at risk and many more Saskatchewan families in a difficult reality.”

On behalf of the NDP, McCall accepted a petition signed by concerned members of the SaskTel Defined Benefit Pension Plan and their supporters. The petition calls on the government to provide the appropriate funding to the plan in the event that SaskTel is sold off or if SaskTel cannot afford to cover it all due to the financial mismanagement by the Sask. Party.

“The workers and people of Saskatchewan are not responsible for the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal, and waste,” McCall said. “They deserve assurances from their government that, after years of serving the people of Saskatchewan faithfully, their livelihoods will be looked after, and that the Crown will remain in the hands of the people of our province.”

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