REALITY CHECK: Scott Moe is running from his own record on making life more expensive for Saskatchewan families

Today Sask. Party leader Scott Moe desperately tried to shed his reputation of jacking electricity prices for everyday people and businesses in Saskatchewan. His one-year plan to reduce power rates is a big change in direction from the Sask. Party’s long history of making life more expensive for Saskatchewan families.

FACT: Under the Sask. Party, SaskPower bills for a family with income of $75,000 have increased from $901 to $1,418 from 2007-08 to 2019-20

This is a whopping 57 per cent increase. 


This is on top of the PST increases that the Sask. Party put on everyday families – costing them more than $700 a year. 

With Scott Moe’s plans for service cuts and privatization, and his dismal $0.13 minimum wage increase today, life is not getting more affordable for Saskatchewan families. 

Saskatchewan can do better.

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