Senior health administrators have scathing criticisms of Lean

In question period today, the NDP revealed an internal government document that contains scathing criticisms from senior health administrators about this government's approach to Lean.

The criticisms include:

"Our experience with [John Black and Associates] has been one of lack of respect, tattling on leaders if they question, expecting rigid conformity in a militaristic style, gossiping, and undermining."

The Lean training consists of "activities that are not meaningful and in some cases are insulting – all of which are part of [John Black and Associates' approach – are not only not educationally sound, but cause skepticism, alienation and frustration."

"The orientation to the kanban process within [Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region] by the sensei had little added value."

"The presentation dogma is incompatible with the alleged encouragement of new analysis and improvements."

"Getting out of this will be an improvement."

The "biggest concern around an early exit of [the contract with John Black and Associates] is in the optics it would produce."

You can read the full briefing note here: INTERNAL RQHR BRIEFING NOTE.

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