Brad Wall still hiding GTH land scandal accountability

The Sask. Party is desperately trying to get to election day without revealing the facts on Brad Wall's Global Transportation Hub (GTH) land scandal – a cover-up.

“Brad Wall personally signed an order to blow millions of dollars on a piece of land that was worth a fraction of the price he paid,” said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. “This deal is sketchy, it goes to the heart of Sask. Party waste, and voters deserve answers before going to the polls.”

The auditor is investigating the scandal. Calls for a judicial inquiry have been getting louder. Now, a former Sask. Party MLA and neighbour of the minister responsible is calling for a criminal investigation.

“Everyone knows this land deal stinks, and Brad Wall’s attempts to evade accountability makes the stench even worse,” said Wotherspoon. “Saskatchewan people deserve answers before going to the polls.”

Despite being slated for expropriation, the land near the GTH was bought for more than market value by businessmen who allegedly have ties to the Sask. Party. They then sold the land to the GTH for triple its appraised value on Wall’s order. The independent Provincial Auditor has already said the deal doesn’t appear to be a normal transaction.

“The people of Saskatchewan deserve to know what discussions took place between Wall, Minister Bill Boyd, any other members of cabinet and the businessmen prior to the purchase, and what information the businessmen received,” said Wotherspoon. “One thing is absolutely clear, the people of Saskatchewan were not the Sask. Party’s priority when they signed this deal – so who was?”

“If Brad Wall won't trust the people of Saskatchewan with the truth, why does he expect them to trust him with their vote?”

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