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NDP pushes government for greater democratic accountability

NDP Leader Ryan Meili updated the public about negotiations to recall the Legislature today, responding to the Sask. Party government’s proposed terms for a limited reopening of the Legislature by calling for more sitting days and greater democratic scrutiny than the limited scope the government had proposed.

Meili to call on Moe to reopen the Legislature, in front of the Legislature

NDP Leader Ryan Meili and members of his opposition caucus gathered in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building today to call on the Premier to put forward a plan for the safe restoration of democratic oversight ahead of the next election.

Patenaude to be the New Democrat Candidate in Kelvington-Wadena for 2020

Linda Patenaude was acclaimed as the Saskatchewan New Democrat candidate for Kelvington-Wadena this evening. Saskatchewan NDP members participated in the party’s second virtual nominating convention, following the nomination of Mike Sinclair in Regina Wascana Plains yesterday.

Meili calls on Moe to end refinery lock-out

Today, NDP Leader Ryan Meili repeated his call for the Premier to recall the Legislature and impose binding arbitration to end the lock-out at the Co-op Refinery in Regina.

Sinclair to be the New Democrat Candidate in Regina Wascana Plains for 2020

Mike Sinclair was acclaimed as the Saskatchewan New Democrat candidate for Regina Wascana Plains this evening as Saskatchewan NDP members took part in their first ever virtual nomination meeting in keeping with physical distancing protocols.

NDP gives government deadline for response to budget proposal

Today, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili released a public letter from NDP House Leader Cathy Sproule and called on the government to respond to repeated requests from the opposition for a full budget and the reconvening of the Legislature.

NDP calls for a plan to ensure health care workers have PPE

As Canada recognizes National Nursing Week and as healthcare workers continue to raise concerns about an insufficient supply of protective equipment, NDP Leader Ryan Meili called for the province to provide a plan to ensure that every worker has the protective equipment they need.

NDP call for government to alleviate seniors’ prescription costs

With people only able to purchase a month’s worth of prescription medication at a time due to COVID-19, the NDP is calling for the government to provide relief to seniors and low-income people by ensuring government drug plans will cover the additional cost.

“Democracy demands it”: Meili calls on Moe to meet on a plan to resume legislative work

Today, NDP Leader Ryan Meili called directly on Premier Moe to meet and negotiate a resumption of legislative business and the introduction of a full budget.

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