REALITY CHECK: A Sask. Party surgical failure: Wait times climb

In March 2015, Brad Wall slashed the budget for surgeries and - to no ones’ surprise - wait times have been getting longer.

Wall and the Sask. Party have long said that they wouldn’t consider increasing surgery wait times be a problem until they were… a problem. 

As the lines and waits get longer, Saskatchewan people are asking, “Are we there yet?”

In the last year, the number of people waiting more than three months for a surgery has increased 115 per cent. Those needing orthopedic surgery in Regina are waiting up to six months.

As recently as a few months ago, the Sask. Party were still saying they thought surgery wait times were fine, and they wouldn’t need to deal with the increases until they ‘got worse.’ 

When pressed for how long wait times would have to get before the Sask. Party would admit they were too long, Dustin Duncan reluctantly stumbled to an answer: “six months.”

Well, we’re there.

It’s time for Wall to stop waiting and just admit his health care record is too lean on funding and too long on waits. 

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