REALITY CHECK: A sober look at Wall’s privatization plan: dryer wallets, warmer beer

Brad Wall is pushing to liquidate more than 50% of public SLGA stores but the proof is not on his side.

Privatizing Saskatchewan’s most profitable Crown will result in higher prices and fewer choices for Saskatchewan people and would inevitably put the squeeze on locally run breweries and producers in the province.

Beer and liquor are about 10% more expensive in Alberta’s privatized stores than they are here in Saskatchewan and B.C.’s recent shift to a wholesale pricing scheme, similar to the one being pushed by the Sask. Party, has driven up prices and punished job-creating craft beer makers by giving priority to multi-national liquor and beer corporations.

The Sask. Party minister responsible for the SLGA, Don McMorris, admitted this is a “very, very complex issue… and in every election it’s become an issue for one day and never has it been done justice.”

Well, we’re in an election now, so why won’t Mr. Wall agree to answer some questions about his privatization scheme? And, once he cracks open one Crown for privatization, what will stop Brad Wall from opening up another…. and then another?

Mr. Wall has attempted to make privatization sound like a simple idea and has mismanaged the SLGA by, for example, not having enough fridges in the stores.

Cam Broten, on the other hand, has been clear.

The NDP will protect and help create new good mortgage-paying jobs by halting the sale of SLGA stores and will prioritize the promotion of made-in-Saskatchewan products through prime placement of displays and promotions.

The NDP would also ensure better selection and service by installing more fridges for cold beer in SLGA stores.

To check the beer and liquor prices for yourself:

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