REALITY CHECK: Brad Wall: Numbers be dam(ed)!

Even in the face of blatant proof, Brad Wall can be counted on to not back down from a losing argument.

Despite Mr. Wall’s claims to the contrary, data from SaskPower’s Boundary Dam shows the billion-dollar carbon capture boondoggle is not operating at nameplate capacity. In fact, far from it.

After claiming the carbon capture meets nameplate capacity on Wednesday (not true), he said Thursday that he was referring to only the month of March (still not true).

“The Crown corporation confirmed Thursday that the plant has not once operated at nameplate capacity in March,” according to The Leader-Post (Dam the Numbers, March 31).

Plus, for all of February, the underperforming facility operated at a laggardly 52 per cent of capacity. That’s in line with the operations’ disturbingly underwhelming numbers over the past 12 months. The operation consistently missed its targets, resulting in financial penalties to the Alberta-based company the Sask. Party contracted.

Confronted with those realities, instead of doing the honourable thing, Mr. Wall resorted to his tried-and-true tactic of . . . . blaming others.

In an interview with the Regina Leader-Post, Mr. Wall asserted that the NDP have “got themselves in a bit of a hole.”

The only hole is the bottomless money pit Mr. Wall has dug for his carbon capture scheme and the victims are the people of Saskatchewan who are watching millions of dollars flee the province that should be staying here to support healthcare and education.

Mr. Wall should stop digging and just admit the Sask. Party has made a mess of this project and wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

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