Reality Check

REALITY CHECK: Wall’s Waste: The secret cost of misplaced priorities

Trying to figure out how much money Brad Wall has wasted on pet projects, gravy planes and privatization could give anyone a headache.

REALITY CHECK: Brad Wall: Numbers be dam(ed)!

Even in the face of blatant proof, Brad Wall can be counted on to not back down from a losing argument.

REALITY CHECK: A sober look at Wall’s privatization plan: dryer wallets, warmer beer

Brad Wall is pushing to liquidate more than 50% of public SLGA stores but the proof is not on his side.

REALITY CHECK: New York Times: Sask. Party carbon capture failure, “not going to fly”

American media has, once again, turned their attention to the Sask. Party’s botched carbon capture project. Yesterday’s New York Times highlights the Sask. Party’s wilful deception on the global scale and dismisses their false claims of triumph, saying: “the success story disintegrated”.

REALITY CHECK: What is Wall really exporting?

Brad Wall was talking about Saskatchewan exports today but he failed to mention exactly what his export priorities have been.

REALITY CHECK: Mr. Wall, let us Google that for you

Brad Wall added a whopping $2.8 billion to the provincial debt, threw away our resource wealth and blew through the Rainy Day Fund. Now, his platform offers nothing more than $10 million per year, 100 kilometers of highway and just a few lines of costing text. 

REALITY CHECK: Bill Boyd’s Behaviour No Laughing Matter

An auditor’s report is looming, a judicial inquiry is underway, and a lawsuit has been filed. The RCMP has even been notified but Brad Wall is still refusing to shed light on the GTH land scandal.

REALITY CHECK: Easter eggs aren’t the only things hidden in Saskatchewan

This weekend, as children across Saskatchewan embark on their annual Easter egg hunt, Brad Wall has made sure they aren’t the only ones searching for something.

REALITY CHECK: Wall’s vision for the future so small it fits in your kitchen

Falling resource prices mean a new vision is needed to strengthen and diversify our economy and ensure long-term prosperity and growth. The only idea the Sask. Party could cook up, however, is to ask home bakers to raise all of the missing dough.

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