REALITY CHECK: Wall’s vision for the future so small it fits in your kitchen

Falling resource prices mean a new vision is needed to strengthen and diversify our economy and ensure long-term prosperity and growth. The only idea the Sask. Party could cook up, however, is to ask home bakers to raise all of the missing dough.

Today, Wall reannounced his only strategy to diversify the economy. He’s not admitting he was wrong, he’s not committing to cut his wasteful ways, costly consultants, or perks for politicians. Instead he’s pinning all of his hopes on bake sales and home cooks.

Allowing budding chefs and entrepreneurs to more easily sell their wares is a fine part of a broader plan but it is all Wall has to offer.

No amount of delicious pies or home-made perogies will help other small businesses grow and hire more workers; cookies and brownies won’t fund research and development; and fig squares and fritters won’t save the film industry that Wall drummed out of the province.

After blowing through a budget surplus, close to $2 billion in the Rainy Day Fund, and booming resource revenue, the Sask. Party has long put all of Saskatchewan’s economic eggs in one basket. New Democrat Leader Cam Broten has often told Brad Wall we need more eggs and more baskets but he didn’t think he’d take him so literally.

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