REALITY CHECK: Bill Boyd’s Behaviour No Laughing Matter

An auditor’s report is looming, a judicial inquiry is underway, and a lawsuit has been filed. The RCMP has even been notified but Brad Wall is still refusing to shed light on the GTH land scandal.

What about the Sask. Party minister responsible for the GTH? Well, he says concerns raised about his secrecy and attempts to hide from the controversy are “laughable.”

Bill Boyd, the high-flying Sask. Party minister with an addiction for gravy planes, made a rare appearance last week and made light of the scandalous fiasco that saw a Crown corporation pay two alleged Sask. Party insiders three times the estimated value for land close to the Regina highway bypass.

While Bill Boyd seems to think legitimate questions about him shirking his responsibility are funny, for the people of Saskatchewan who have been forced to pay for his perks and shady deals, this is no laughing matter.

There is nothing funny about the reckless and cavalier attitude Wall and his cabinet adopted now that their priorities have changed. The fact that Mr. Boyd is trying to make light of such a serious and concerning matter, shows how out of step and out of touch he is.

It’s clear that Wall has changed and we can’t afford to trust him anymore.

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