REALITY CHECK: Easter eggs aren’t the only things hidden in Saskatchewan

This weekend, as children across Saskatchewan embark on their annual Easter egg hunt, Brad Wall has made sure they aren’t the only ones searching for something.

While kids will reap the rewards of their labour, adults will be left holding an empty basket. Their search for the Sask. Party’s secret budget - loaded with cuts to services, perks for politicians, and contracts for foreign corporations - will undoubtedly prove fruitless.

Everyday families will be left empty handed but you can bet Brad Wall will have goodies for some. High-priced consultants, top health care bosses, and Sask. Party insiders know Wall’s got special treats just for them.

Maybe, with the election only a week away, Brad Wall will finally reveal exactly what he plans to cut. And maybe, just maybe, he has hidden some Easter eggs out there for everyday families… but, if, as Wall likes to say, “the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior,” any eggs we find will surely be as rotten as the GTH land scandal smells.

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