Reality Check

REALITY CHECK: Picking fights gets headlines but no money for Saskatchewan

For months, Brad Wall has been making a lot of noise on the national scene, refusing to collaborate with his federal and provincial counterparts. 


REALITY CHECK: A Sask. Party surgical failure: Wait times climb

In March 2015, Brad Wall slashed the budget for surgeries and - to no ones’ surprise - wait times have been getting longer.

Wall and the Sask. Party have long said that they wouldn’t consider increasing surgery wait times be a problem until they were… a problem. 

REALITY CHECK: Wall’s plan for Schools: Cut and bus?

In the Sask. Party’s world, ‘cut and run’ has turned into ‘cut and bus.’ With Brad Wall’s continued cuts to services, it has Saskatchewan people asking, what’s next?

REALITY CHECK: P3s: And the winner is…. Politicians!

It’s no secret that Brad Wall loves P3s. 

He justifies his addiction by saying they are a “win-win” and is showing no sign of kicking the habit. In fact, he has vowed to using them even more to fund future infrastructure programs.

REALITY CHECK: Seven terms the Sask. Party won’t say in politics

On Wednesday, George Carlin's seven dirty words routine was selected for preservation at the Library of Congress. Observers can’t help but notice that when the Sask. Party scrawled out their uninspiring platform on the back of a napkin, they seem to have identified seven unspeakable terms themselves.

REALITY CHECK: Wall’s approach: Don’t worry, be homeless

How does Brad Wall feel about a 90 per cent cut to funding for homeless shelters?

REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party thinks infrastructure needs are a myth

“Our roads and water main pipes are all in perfect shape, and no more infrastructure money is wanted,” said no municipal leader, ever.

REALITY CHECK: Wall’s half-baked plan for Saskatchewan

After wasting millions of dollars on Lean consultants, gravy planes, and sketchy land deals, the Sask. Party has cooked up a new scheme of wishful thinking: he wants the people of Saskatchewan to put on our aprons.

REALITY CHECK: Pay or wait health care: Wall promises to do what he always said he never would

Brad Wall has a lot to say about many things. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to mean much of it.

Authorized by the chief official agent for the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party.