REALITY CHECK: Wall’s plan for Schools: Cut and bus?

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

In the Sask. Party’s world, ‘cut and run’ has turned into ‘cut and bus.’ With Brad Wall’s continued cuts to services, it has Saskatchewan people asking, what’s next?

The Sask. Party points to increases in operating grants to suggest school divisions are getting record revenues but they are conveniently sweeping the facts under the rug.

The fact is, these grants came at the cost of the school boards’ ability to generate their own revenue through taxation. 

We’ve seen this story before. The Sask. Party cut funding to homeless shelters, denied it, and then dealt with the problem by shipping people out of the province with one-way bus tickets.

Now, after cutting funding to schools, they’re denying it again.

So, the obvious question is: “Is the Sask. Party going to start bussing our kids out of the province too?