REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party thinks infrastructure needs are a myth

“Our roads and water main pipes are all in perfect shape, and no more infrastructure money is wanted,” said no municipal leader, ever.

But, according to a Sask. Party note circulated today and a Sask. Party media event, Moose Jaw’s need for more municipal infrastructure support is a myth that “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Saskatchewan’s municipalities are working hard to keep up with the need – but dedicated infrastructure funding would help them all get ahead of crumbling roads, cracked water mains and aging water treatment plants.

Maybe if the two Sask. Party MLAs for Moose Jaw were to speak up on Moose Jaw’s behalf every once in a while, Brad Wall and his inner circle would know that dedicated infrastructure dollars for municipalities are a good idea.

Alas, the two Moose Jaw Sask. Party MLAs have never pushed for anything for Moose Jaw from the floor of the Legislative Assembly.

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