REALITY CHECK: P3s: And the winner is…. Politicians!

It’s no secret that Brad Wall loves P3s. 

He justifies his addiction by saying they are a “win-win” and is showing no sign of kicking the habit. In fact, he has vowed to using them even more to fund future infrastructure programs.

However, according to a report released this month by the School of Public Policy of the University of Calgary, the biggest winner of P3s is… wait for it… politicians.

As the report says:

  • It’s politicians who can “take credit for new infrastructure while passing future maintenance and operating costs off onto future politicians, taxpayers and/or users” (p.1); and
  • P3s “provide political benefits by channelling financial benefits to aligned interest groups, such as law firms, merchant banks, large construction firms and consultants” (p.12)

So, by “win-win” Wall is clearly talking about Sask. Party politicians and their friends. 

So, who’s the biggest loser? 

Clearly, its the people of Saskatchewan. But that’s no surprise.

We’re not Brad Wall’s priority anymore.  

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