REALITY CHECK: Wall’s half-baked plan for Saskatchewan

After wasting millions of dollars on Lean consultants, gravy planes, and sketchy land deals, the Sask. Party has cooked up a new scheme of wishful thinking: he wants the people of Saskatchewan to put on our aprons.

Instead of writing a recipe for any meaningful job creation, Wall wants the people of Saskatchewan to hit the kitchen, start baking and sell “cookies, candy, pies and buns prepared in their homes” and sell them to local coffee shops.

Wall’s fiscal mismanagement has sold out the people of Saskatchewan and now, instead of admitting he was wrong, or scrapping any of his wasteful ways, he wants you to sell baked goods out your back door.

The NDP has the right ingredients for the future with a fully-costed, balanced plan that focuses on making life more affordable for the people of Saskatchewan and protecting health care and education.

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