REALITY CHECK: Wall can’t kick the gravy plane habit even as government dissolves

Instead of meeting the Lieutenant Governor at the official residence to request the election call, Brad Wall summoned her to Saskatoon where he was holding a partisan campaign event. Like most other people, Mr. Wall could have made the drive himself but he chose to book an exclusive Executive Air gravy plane and have the Lieutenant Governor fly to meet him.

Wall’s self-serving and politically motivated decision to stay in Saskatoon and put the plane in the air again comes less than a week after Cam Broten revealed flight manifests showing Brad Wall’s senior minister, Bill Boyd, billed the taxpayers about $400,000 for personal flights, mostly just to and from his home.

No wonder Wall opposes Cam Broten’s plan to get rid of the gravy planes; he’s using them for his personal political purposes.

Of course the meeting with the Lietuenant Governor can be held anywhere – but couldn’t Wall have put common sense ahead yet another high priced flight??

He’s changed, and everyday families just aren’t his priority anymore.

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