REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party’s Lean project efficiently spends $1,511 for every $1 saved

The Sask. Party’s costly and stubborn commitment to the Lean project has been an unmitigated failure.

While the Sask. Party has been shoveling millions and millions into the Lean project, ER wait times are growing longer, nurses are being laid-off, and important surgeries are being cancelled. 

In fact, the only efficiency Lean brought to the system was an incredibly efficient way to waste money on private consultants. A recent University of Saskatchewan study found that for every dollar Lean “saved,” it cost Saskatchewan tax payers $1,511. 

Let’s take a look some of what Saskatchewan could have had instead of the Lean project: 

 For every $1 Lean “saved”

93 vaccinations

 For every $1 Lean “saved”

302 Prescription refilled

 For every $1 Lean “saved”

18 Pediatric Exams

 For every $5 Lean “saved”

An ER doctor for a week

 For every $8 Lean “saved”

A Nurse practitioner for a month

 For every $52 Lean “saved”

A Nurse for a year

 The Sask. Party has put wasting money on their pet projects ahead of providing health care for the people of Saskatchewan. We’re not their priority anymore.


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