REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party cuts the wheat and offers students the chaff

Today, less than a year after the Sask. Party slashed over $30 million from the graduate retention program, Brad Wall tried to pass-off a reversal of less than one third of that cut as a ‘new’ commitment.

This leaner version of the original program comes with a tweak that Wall claims would help first time homebuyers fast track their credit. But, with $20 million less than what was in the program a year ago, one doesn’t need to sit through many math classes to realize this program will fall short of putting homeownership within reach of recent graduates.

While the Sask. Party has been throwing away the province’s resource wealth on wasteful spending, high paid consultants, and perks like gravy planes and travel scouts, they’ve left Saskatchewan students to pay the second highest tuition fees in the country. Under the Sask. Party’s government, tuition fees have risen by 36%.

It’s hard to say if Brad Wall genuinely thinks no one will remember that his government cut the program in their last budget or if he just doesn’t care. Either way, it’s Saskatchewan students and their families who will have to pay the price for his misplaced priorities.

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