REALITY CHECK: Still no sightings of elusive Sask. Party budget

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

The Sask. Party budget is apparently an endangered species, with no sightings at all a month after it was supposed to be out.

If Brad Wall’s planned budget, which was due in March, was good for families, he’d release it.

The only document fiscal-plan hunters have been able to spot was a small third-quarter update on the last budget, released in February, and it didn’t look healthy.

• A $427 million deficit

• A $51.3 million cut to education

• Debt up to $13.5 billion

Are more cuts and privatization lurking in the woods? As long as the Sask. Party keeps the elusive budget hidden, taxpayers won’t know more until after they vote – but perhaps that’s just how Wall wants it.