REALITY CHECK: Wherever he stands, Wall’s wearing flip-flops

Throughout his years in the Legislature, Brad Wall has flip-flopped on a number of issues but few are as spectacular as his most recently acquired position on equalization.

There is no question that Saskatchewan needs better and fairer treatment within the equalization program. In fact, Saskatchewan New Democrats couldn’t agree more.

But you have to wonder where Wall really stands here.

When New Democrats were last in government, we anticipated the drop in oil prices, stood up for Saskatchewan and demanded the federal government stop unfairly taking too much of our resource wealth out of province. The NDP took the fight all the way to the courts.

Wall mocked the fight just about every step along the way. When he was elected, instead of standing up for Saskatchewan, Wall decided that it wasn’t worth the fight. He said, "it's time to move on."

Wall blew through the Rainy Day fund during our sunniest resource days. Now that times are tough, we absolutely agree that it’s time for him to “move on” … right out of the Premier’s office.

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